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Delta flight to Milan Diverts to St. John's

29 Jul 2017

Delta flight DL418 from New York JFK to Milan diverted to St John's. The Airbus A330 took off at 19:13, 1 hour delayed. The pilots climbed to a cruising altitude of 36,000 ft. Two hours later after taking off, the pilots started descending at a fast rate. The A330 was headed towards St John's and landed on runway 26 at 23:04 local time. The pilots had to immediately land the A330 as there was a medical emergency on board. The flight landed safely at St John's and the passenger was attended by medical services at St John's. The flight then continued towards Milan Airport and landed there at 11:29 local time. 

Birth of Baby Forces Lufthansa Plane to Divert to Manchester

25 Jul 2017

Lufthansa flight LH543 from Bogota to Frankfurt had to divert to Manchester. The A340 took off from Bogota El Dorado at 21:40 and climbed to an altitude of 35,000 ft. At 12:40 Manchester time, the plane started descending at a high speed. Lufthansa then announced on twitter that LH543 was diverting due to a mother giving birth to a child. The flight landed at 13:10 local time and both mother and child were ok. The flight then took off 2 hours later and it landed at Frankfurt am Main Airport at 17:13. 

Aer Lingus EI896 from Cork to Faro Diverts to Dublin

25 Jul 2017

Aer Lingus ​flight EI896 from Cork to Faro had to divert to Dublin. The Airbus A320 (EI-DEA) took off at 10:53 and climbed to an altitude of 36,000 ft. Minutes later the flight made a U-turn and started heading back into Irish airspace. The pilots then started heading towards Dublin, where they landed at 12:15. The A320 had a technical issue and had to divert to Dublin. A replacement aircraft was used from Dublin, which took off at 14:51 and landed at Faro at 17:30 local time. Other Aer Lingus flights to/from Faro experienced delays and customer were being notified by SMS. EI-DEA was then fixed and is now flying again for Aer Lingus. 

American 787 Returns to Dallas after Taking Off

20 Jul 2017

American Airlines flight AA127 from Dallas to Shanghai had to return to DFW immediately after taking off. The Boeing 787 took off from Dallas at 10:30 and 20 minutes later stopped climbing, turned back towards Dallas. The flight landed safely at Dallas after being airborne for 45 minutes. The plane had experienced a mechanical issue and was then inspected by the American Airlines mechanical team. The plane was fixed and ten hours later, made the flight from Dallas to Shanghai Pudong. 

Saudi SV123 Holds for 4 hours before Emergency Landing

19 Jul 2017

Saudi SV123 from Jeddah to Manchester had to hold for 4 hours before landing at Manchester. The Boeing 787 took off from Jeddah at 04:32 and climbed to an altitude of 38,000 ft. The pilots started descending at 08:05 (British Time), but then realised that the flaps were stuck. The 787 then had to hold for 4 hours to ensure a secure landing. At 12:23, the pilots started aligning with runway 23L. The flight made an emergency landing and the landing was at a high speed - 160 knots. The normal landing speed is between 130-140 knots. The flight landed safely at Manchester. HZ-ARC (Registration Number) is still at Manchester being fixed.

Air Canda Pilot Confuses Runway with Taxiway filled with Planes

12 Jul 2017

Air Canada flight AC759 from Toronto to San Francisco had to do a go-around when landing at SFO as it had confused the runway with a taxiway which was filled with planes. If the Airbus A320 hadn't gone around, it would have been the biggest disaster in aviation history. The A320 took off from Toronto at 21:58 and climbed towards 36,000 ft. At 23:25, the pilots started descending and aligned with runway 28R. But, the pilot got confused with the taxiway beside the runway, and aligned with the taxiway. ATC only realised that the plane was about to land on the taxiway when it was only 30 metres from the taxiway. SFO tower commanded the Air Canada plane to go around, and the pilots started rising up again. The pilots successfully landed the plane the second time with no incident. If the pilots would have landed on top of the planes, hundreds of people would have died. Luckily, ATC realised and the crash was avoided. 

KLM flight 446 from Kuwait diverts to Bucharest

17 Jul 2017

KLM flight KL446 from Kuwait to Amsterdam had to divert to Bucharest. The A330-300 took off from Kuwait at 03:44 and climbed to an altitude of 32,000 ft. When the plane was crossing over Turkey, the pilots started to descend and stopped at 24,000 ft. They also decreased the speed from 430 to 370 knots. Once the A330 was in Bucharest air space, the pilots started descending and then landed at Bucharest at 07:56. KLM then announced in twitter that engine #1 had been using more oil than normal. Later that morning, a KLM Boeing 747 from Amsterdam was sent to Bucharest to pick up the passengers. 

Air Canada Rouge flight Declares Emergency and Returns to Gatwick

16 Jul 2017

Air Canada Rouge flight AC1925 from London Gatwick to Toronto had to return to Gatwick after take off. The Boeing 767 took off at 13:13 London time. When it was taking off, a loud bang was heard but the plane took off. The pilots said that a tyre had burst while taking off and that they would have to return. Gatwick's ATC commanded all planes to hold or divert to other airports and no planes were allowed to take off from Gatwick. The 767 had to get rid of fuel and after doing this, the plane landed safely at London. The plane was then surrounded by emergency vehicles on the runway. One hour later, the plane was towed back to the terminal and planes at Gatwick started landing and taking off. The result of the bang was that a tyre in the main gear had burst whiles taking off. The runway was inspected. 

AeroMexico AM698 aborts TakeOff in Mexico City Airport

15 Jan 2020

AeroMexico AM698 from Mexico City to Boston aborted takeoff after the pilots heard a loud noise. The 737-800 aborted takeoff at a high speed and deployed evacuation slides. As the passengers exited the plane, emergency vehicles approached the plane. While the plane was taking off, a tyre blew creating a loud bang and a small fire. Everyone exited the plane safely and there were no injuries. 4 hours later, another plane took the passengers to Boston. 

Jet-Engine Blast Kills Tourist in St Maarten

12 Jul 2017

A tourist from New Zealand has been killed in Maho Beach, St Maarten, as the blast of a jet engine pushed her backwards, making her fall against concrete. She was holding onto a fence, but the blast was too strong. St Maarten is a very popular destination for plane spotters, but this incident shows that it is not a safe place to watch planes.

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